Flower Trade and Commercialization

Flowers are the perfect gifts that are well-suited for almost every occasion. In many cultures people even take flowers to funerals and mourn the death of a dear relation. In the olden days royals would hire a massive number of laborers just for the task of collecting and arranging fresh flowers for royal events. Fresh flowers have become a rare commodity and something that is difficult to find in the day to day life. However, those who can afford it like to decorate the entire arenas with freshly plucked flowers like a wedding venue. Fresh Flowers should start to take root in the modern culture as a better form of present. They are not fattening and life threating like chocolates.

Flowers as Presents

Flowers are much more affordable and valuable than the merchandises like stuffed animals. The commercial businesses cultivate exclusive brands of flowers that are genetically modified just for the purpose of decoration. These flowers have the ability to remain fresh for a longer period of time without getting any water supply. The top flower shops in Dubai offer their customers a wide variety of flowers. It should be noted that some people are of the view that flowers belong on the trees and plants in their natural state. This theory has a lot to do with the flowers being the major source of pollination and food supply for small insects. However, the mass cultivation of flowers has helped many species of flowers to spread around the world and also undergo great transformation. Techniques like cross pollination are used for growing more beautiful and exotic species of flowers.

A major chunk of flowers also go to the fragrance industry where their essence is extracted and they are sold and preserved for a longer amount of time. The thought of getting fresh flowers arrangement for the flowers is considered quite a luxury. However, there are many local flower shops that arrange for big orders of flowers for smaller venues. In this way a lot of customers are able to make the best of their special occasion. One lesser known fresh flower industry is the funeral arrangement.  A flower in a box in Dubai stands for eternal care and well-being wishes.